Kunstner Sam Bornstein

Kunstner Sam Bornstein

(f New York City, NY), bor I Brooklyn, NY

Uddannelse: MFA Hunter College, 2017. BA Bard College, 2005.

Fernisering 5. januar 2019

Tegninger hvor kunstneren skaber sit eget alfabet af formularer baseret på piktogrammer. Værkerne er i et abstrakt, surrealistisk billedsprog. Piktogrammer er kombinationer af tegn, der opretter et nyt tegn, eller er abstraktioner af tegn. Den måde tegningerne opstår refererer også til kalligrafi. Elementer af japansk maleri, tegnefilm og ekspressionisme har alle indflydelse på disse tegninger.

Udstillinger: Project Space at 7 Herkimer Place, Brooklyn, New York, 2018. De-Script, Nothing Space, 56 Bogart #219, Brooklyn NY, 2013. American Visual Art, Marina Tsvetaeva Museum, 6 Borisoglebski. Lane, Moscow, Russian Federation, 2013. Durer’s Rhinoceros, LeRoy Neiman Gallery at Columbia. University, New York City NY, 2010. Storm, Submergedart Gallery, Newark NJ, 2010. Marginalia, Skydive, Houston TX, 2010.  Le Roman Du Lievre, MTS Gallery, Anchorage AK, 2009.

Kunstner Sam Bornstein – tegning

Description of the works:

These drawings are from a group of works in which the artist creates his own alphabet of forms based on pictograms. The works are abstract, surreal, and use imagery that is almost recognizable, but does not quite describe a literal thing. These drawings work like pictograms in the way that pictograms are combinations of signs that create a new sign, or are abstractions of signs.

The way the drawings are created also refers to calligraphy. There is a graphic and expressive drive in the drawings that links writing to expressionist drawing and painting. Elements of Japanese painting, cartooning, and Expressionism are all influences in these drawings.



Bio for Sam Bornstein


Sam Bornstein has lived and made artwork in New York City for his entire life. With the exception of a period of time spent living in Copenhagen Denmark in 2013 and 2014, the artist has claimed New York City as a center of artistic production. In addition to international and American exhibition experience, the artist has worked professionally as a musician, an actor, and an architectural draftsperson. Bornstein recently graduated from Hunter’s MFA program, and previously attended Bard College. The artist has several upcoming shows in Denmark and a solo show scheduled for the fall of 2018 in New York City.





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